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All you share with me will be treated with the utmost respect. The anonymity of your dream sharing will be safeguarded and you can be assured that you will be treated in a caring and professional manner.

Your dream will be the subject of private study, reflection and meditation. All the work you and I do together with your dream will have your health and wholeness as its primary goal.


Understandyourdream.com and sites under the understandyourdream.com masthead celebrate the many benefits of dream work, yet recognize that there are potential risks. We agree with the ethical position taken by the Association for the Study of Dreams (http://www.asdreams.org/ethics.htm#dreamwork_ethics), in that:

we support an approach to dreamwork and dream sharing that respects the dreamer's dignity and integrity, and which recognizes the dreamer as the decision-maker regarding the significance of the dream. Systems of dream work that assign authority or knowledge of the dream's meanings to someone other than the dreamer can be misleading, incorrect, and harmful. Ethical dream work helps the dreamer work with his/her own dream images, feelings, and associations, and guides the dreamer to more fully experience, appreciate, and understand the dream.a

Every dream may have multiple meanings, and different techniques may be reasonably employed to touch these multiple layers of significance. A dreamer's decision to share or discontinue sharing a dream should always be respected and honored. The dreamer should be forewarned that unexpected issues or emotions may arise in the course of the dream work. Information and mutual agreement about the degree of privacy and confidentiality are essential ingredients in creating a safe atmosphere for dream sharing.

Dream work outside a clinical setting is not a substitute for psychotherapy, or other professional treatment, and should not be used as such.

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